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Full guide to the BladeMaster class


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Hi ,Hope you are fine guys :D


Is there any one who could afford a full guide to the BladeMatser class and by "full" i mean those points:

1. Presentation of the class and its capacities and skills

2.Complete sets of the most gear , equipements,weapons,soulshield and even gems  that are suitable for BladeMaster categorised by levels (for example : from lvl 20 to 25 , the best souldshield is blightSS)

3.the best combos Pve and Pvp available and the conditions and details for each combo used

4. Prioritizing the skills  according to their importance for either Offensive skills or defensive skills 

5.the best and safest ways to deal with each class in PvP

6.wich character attributes must be optmised the most with pourcentages for each attribute (defense,cri,evasion,block...)


and thanks everyone who can contribute to this guide and make the BladeMaster class easy playable :)


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