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Some questions about game.


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Hi would like to make some questions about the game.

1)I have killed some players,but the only i received its a achievement.Is PvP profitable,do i earn anything if i kill players?

2)What about the population of the servers?(EU)i have seen at clan section that some servers got a lot of people and some other not.

Many youtubers that played the game,suggests to join the servers with lower population because its easier to farm and find empy spots.But atm i play to one server(low lvl)and didnt have any problem with spots at all.i mean,even if spots are full you can always change channels too.

3)What are the PvP modes at the game?Until now i have seen arenas and open world pvp 5v5.Is there Castle Sieges (as on lineage2) or Guild vs Guild or other kind of mass pvp worth to playing to the game?

4)I have seen some threads people saying the game is not Pay to win,but i have seen also at NCshop selling some overpowered gems for lifesteal and other stuff,are those farmable inside the game or just with donate?

5)What about the clans of the game?Is there any good - organized clans playing to servers or its one-sided clans to every server?

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1) You don't gain any kind of currency for killing a player in the open world. There is a PvP daily that requires you to kill opposing members of a high rank in Misty Woods.
2) I'm not sure what you're asking here but generally if you see that another server forum has a lot more topics, chances are it's more populated.

3) The PvP modes in the game currently are 1v1 Arena and 3v3 Tag Match.

4) The game is not pay to win. It is pay for convenience in many ways however. For example, instead of doing dailies and saving gold then selling the gold on the currency exchange, you can go just buy what you want for money. If you do see the boxes that contain gems, they usually aren't as good as what you can get in game.
5) There are many good clans on both factions usually, just depends on your server.

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