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PVP & Disconnect


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I fully agree with : " We having problems, so so sorry that you are disconnected"

But when you're in the Arena, it counts as forfeits, makes you lose 30Points+ just cuz of a disconnect.

I know that when i say " My idea is when ppl disconnect, they shouldn't lose any points" would be real dumb, becuz every dudes can just leave the game mid-fight. How ? Task-Manager etc.! 


This mamy be just a whine, but thoes whos trying to climp up plat or diamond may know my problem. Sometimes you win a game and only get 6 points around. Next game you dc, you get -30P+. The disconnect e laggs come suddenly and knowonw rlly the solution yet. But please find one. Yesterday i disconnected twice, then i gave up. and today again twice. Having fun playing PVP but the lose is insane. Its become such risk playing PVP, becuz you could just lose points by doing  nothing wrong.


Just have to let this out. 

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