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Not responding at different intervals during a fight


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Alright so this is getting on my nerves. (excuse me if this is the wrong thread)


I can be doing anything from a 24 to a 6-4 man to Mushin tower. At any random moment the game will freeze and say its not responding then after 15-20 second later it will work again. Its not like the game catches up with what was happening like if i was experiencing lag but it simply stops working. Not sure if this has to do with the FPS drops and the old engine its running on. This has screwed me over several times specially on Mushin 7F. It tends to happen during fights 8/10. I fail to see why this continues happen, I don't run anything else than the game. 


This is my spec


Win 8.1 


8GB ram

Nvidia Geforce GTX 980


I even lowered the games graphics to 1 with everything turned off and I'm running it full screen. 

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