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Blade and Soul EU - Mushin's Tower [1-7] Destroyer


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Hey guys,


I made a video of a full Mushin's Tower run with Destro. I added some general tips in the video description which I will be adding here too.





Floor 1: Treat this as a PVP match and just pick what you're comfortable fighting against. Honestly if you can't get past this floor you're playing the wrong game.


Floor 2: This boss is pretty self explanatory and is more of a "Welcome to the club." type of fight. The only thing to look out for is when he slams his hammer into the ground. He's going to leave a flame zone DoT which can deal quite a bit of damage if you  decide to stand inside of it.


Floor 3: Honestly, this floor is rather easy as long as you don't do what I did. First, focus on the boss always since his minions will just leave when you kill him. Second, don't ignore the groups on the side. Generally, you want to kill a boss and then focus on 1-2 side groups during the downtime period between bosses. I literally just charged in there and tried to look cool doing it and that happened.


Floor 4: Jiangshi fight v2. Straightforward fight, avoid his AOE and when the adds spawn, take care of them. His adds may seem harmless but they actually hurt. Also pay attention to his lunge, he's always going to attack behind him after lunging (Sneaky). 


Floor 5: DPS race #1. If you don't kill the guy in time, the orb in the middle is going to get up and kill you. The orbs on the sides hand out buffs. The red orb increases your damage and regenerates your main resource and the green orb gives you HP regen. I'm not too sure about the others yet but the red orb is the most important one to make use of so make sure you go all out when it's on.


Floor 6:  I wish I could have demonstrated this but I got the pig instead. I never even knew you could get a lucky roll on the wheel but as you've seen, if you're lucky you get to skip a floor. 

Basically spin the wheel and you fight a random boss. So far I've encountered Dokumo, the last boss from The Pigsty and...the fortune piggy!.


Floor 7: DPS race #2 and also casual filter. This boss is probably the most unforgiving thing in the whole game. I've died to him in the video as you could see. Imagine yourself fighting against the most annoying BM on the whole server. He will counter you, he will slash you up and he will make you his. Deal with it. 


Now for general tactics: try to initiate with some form of CC, if you don't, he counters and it hurts. Also he's going to perform a multi hit attack after he speaks so brace for that. Naturally, watch out for the ice rings that appear periodically. 


After a certain time, he's going to start using the "Can't touch this!" move followed by an aerial attack. If you eat all of that, then you sure are a champ but it's gonna cost you around 20k HP. Save your damage resistance moves for this skill. Lastly, if you don't meet the DPS check he'll make sure to let you know!


Build: https://bnstree.com/DE?build=4501001001410203103043110320102205011070331403210032060420123209041




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