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Shadow Dash not leading to stealth after patch?


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Anyone else besides me who have encountered, numerous times, that when using Shadow Dash from behind a mob, that it doesnt put you into stealth? 

I just tested by soloing Lycan the Mighty, and it still happens, to me it seems like a patch bug, or some very unfortunate server lag (which I doubt).

Otherwise the patch seems really great, I'm still not 45 but I like it so far :)

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10 hours ago, Trickery said:

Can confirm this is happening to me right now on Junghado in Mushin 7F, which is seriously pissing me off lol. 



because he is enraging and causing him to get true sight. one enrage (leading to true sight) is 100%, but timing the next stealth right as true sight wears off will allow you to faceroll with perma stealth (meaning no enrages after teh first one)

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