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Question - Tournaments, MLG, and Rewards


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Hello everyone, thanks for reading!


When the game first launched, I know I heard a lot of hype about the eSports/PvP aspects of it, but I haven't been able to find any official sources for this information. Does anyone know where I can go to find information on this? I heard at one point that at the end of each season there is a tournament sponsored by NC or MLG with a $40k prize pool, but I haven't been able to actually confirm this.


Also has anyone been able to find any information about smaller tournaments, either local or sponsored?




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As Asildriez mentioned there's the ESL tournaments which are made by the community. For official tournaments those will only happen once we have the level 50 patch. The devs said on stream that they definitely want the game to be an esport but for that they'll wait until we have the same level cap as the rest of the world.


Shouldn't take too long for the level 50 patch at the rate things are going.

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