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How to chose gathering


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c7bb19a65d9b9877a5c0494d3fafb94e.png Soul Wardens goes best with cb20aa8667e00791a2d958a630755604.png Tree Fellers and 4ef7db4819928812926a5648d0950793.png Trapper's Alliance

7130f612bc25cd07bd1c0f5909b942da.png Radiant Ring goes best with 35eb1d3eafe7d9cb27ca3e747270bd42.png Stonecutters and ae81a176e3a1475057b766c64ae3ba53.png Prospector's Union

9509124a3aeb1b0c3da4fa9a46a0b908.png Merry Potters goes best with cb20aa8667e00791a2d958a630755604.png Tree Fellers and a9bf0d58c0a56df4f767d69de73c25ac.pngGreen Thumbs

ece09deb044751ed580943e6b7d7a2ee.png Acquired Taste goes best with 4ef7db4819928812926a5648d0950793.png Trapper's Alliance and a9bf0d58c0a56df4f767d69de73c25ac.png Green Thumbs

19b50ec16a1b7e4b4086beff791915f1.png Silver Cauldron goes best with 1e0ddfbcfeb0f4bbd201e35ad058398d.png Herbside Service and 33d10b014e38221a3b96b3ad5cb4d7ff.png Fish Network

dddc201445f71ab83663ae628dfcb677.png Forgekeepers goes best with 35eb1d3eafe7d9cb27ca3e747270bd42.png Stonecutters and ae81a176e3a1475057b766c64ae3ba53.png Prospector's Union

c7da89c780792a6f8adb2bc115a14618.png Earthseers goes best with 1e0ddfbcfeb0f4bbd201e35ad058398d.png Herbside Service and 33d10b014e38221a3b96b3ad5cb4d7ff.png Fish


Soul Warden Crafts:



The link shows Soul Wardens can craft Artisanal Soul Shield Sets & Primers, requiring Trapper's Alliance ingredients, but I'm not sure how to acquire these recipes as they're not available to me in-game.

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