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Okay. I've been trying to get this to work for about two weeks trying all kinds of methods. I tried reinstalling the client, using a VPN, doing msconfig to shut down all start-up programs, uninstalling my anti-virus and disabling my firewall, changing my DNS, and went back and forth with email support for 3 days with a whole bunch of other ways they attempted to help me resolve the issue and just nothing works. I am running a 720KB/s modem so I only get max speeds up to 92KB/s on download. I'd be okay just leaving my pc on and just downloading the game over a week or so but with this constant error it makes this game literally impossible for me to download. Everytime I step away from the pc the error will show up no longer than 15 minutes. The only clue that I have is sometimes my modem will disconnect from the internet when it attempts to download the game. I'm not sure if it does that everytime or if it was just a coincidence but that's all I have. I would highly appreciate if anyone could help me.

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