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BNS Shadows


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Hello everyone,i dont know if anyone else noticed but people with worse pc's got to play on "Low-end pc" tab to get a decent amount of fps,but i was thinking about what would be the difference between that and the fullscreen mode with all settings on the lowest,and then i noticed that if i play that way,ill still have some shadows and darker spots which will make my fps drop..on low-end pc setting it seems i dont have any shadows at all,so my question is,can i get rid of all the shadows on fullscreen mode?because playing on low-end pc is just disgusting because it puts me to play on 800x600 windowed,which is a square in the middle of my screen,cant really enjoy playing the game this way,i thought about deleting shadow file from the bns folder and give it a try,but i want to make sure theres no other way..and that might not work either.


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