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SweetFX 2.0 Presets


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hi i been busy with 2 presets for blade and souls since i found the ones available lacking


so i started making 2 types of presets one is atmospheric its more based around the color blue and a sepia one that uses more yellows


instalation of sweetfx for blade and souls

Step 1 : download reshade sweetfx 2.0 from this link : SweetFx 2.0

Step 2 : Unpack the archive using a program like winrar or winzip

Step 3 : Run Reshade Setup.exe 

Step 4 : click on "Select Game" then navigate to your ncsoft folder then bns then bin and select client.exe

Step 5 : click Direct3D 9 and your done


instalation of custom presets

Step 1 : a new folder called sweetfx should have appeared in the bin folder click on it

Step 2 : Drag and drop one of the presets you like and run the game

optional step 3 : if you want to see both effects ingame without restarting the game open the sweetfx_settings in your sweetfx folder and copy and paste one of the presets into it and save it wil automaticly update


Presets :





first 4 pics is atmospheric then normal then sepia

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