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I realizes most of these have been posted, but I wasn't sure which thread to ad too. Looking for advice overall.


After changing bns to read only I'm able to get past the 85 bytes, but when I get to the character screen I get 300 error and disconnect.

Before today I was able to use a vpn and get in. Now if I use the vpn I can't get past the 85 bytes repair, but if I don't use it I make it to the character screen and get the 300 disconnect error like before. Why is  the vpn keeping it from repairing now? Is it confirm the 300 error is something related to ip? I don't know how to change my ip to a static one though to test this theory.  Before the last update I wasn't getting the 300 error on the character screen. I'm able to log in and load the vpn duing the splash screen and get in this way, but it's not 100%, and the game ends up being laggy afterwards.


I wanna add that for loading dungeons waiting like a minute then entering does help with lag and low end computers to load the area, and you will dc less.



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