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Low FPS and couple of seconds Frezze even with recommended System requirey


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im having a hard time with Blade and Soul. Im playing B & S with everything on the lowest Settings 1360:720 resolution. The first Problem is my FPS if im alone in a dungeon and couple of Monsters are there than my FPS is on 50-60, open world with some players 30-40 FPS in Town 20 FPS. I thought even on recommended settings i could get everywhere 50-60 FPS, but that is not a big of deal. My biggest problem is i get every 15 Seconds a maybe 1 sec Frezze which puts my FPS very low the Frezzes makes the Game for me unplayable. My driver is updated and i don t using any Programms in background while playing. 


Here are my System Spec:  AMD Radeon HD 6850m

                                            Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2450M CPU @ 2.50GHz

                                             6.9 GB Ram


I would appreciate every answer


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