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New Gamemode


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40 players deathmatch witout respawn


- people wil have the same stats from the normal pvp (40k hp...)

- minimap refreshes every 3-5 min so you can track enemies easier that way

- the map wil have underground tunnels and a sea , little maze, forrest, open area

- first 1-2 min wil be witout killing

- in short close to the hunger games mod in CS or Garrys mod


if posible that there are some people whit quests what wil give you some stuff




or if you watched sword art online season 2 you wil get what i mean



i srsly hope that the right guy sees this and sees what i mean im a bit bad at explaning ... this would be a awesome gamemode and im sure if that would egzist

idunno wil this coppy another game (im new to MMOPGS

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