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Memory Leak in PvP Arena


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If you pvp for an extended time (3 to 4+ hours) your game will start getting huge drops of fps.


I've got a gaming rig that can run the game on high settings at 60fps with only a little drop even in huge 20+ man boss kills. It's able to do this for 8+ hours on end in PvE without any kind of issue ever.


But if I go into pvp arena my game drops down to about 15fps a few hours in and even going back into the pve world doesn't fix it, it's stuck with bad FPS and my task manager shows the memory being quite a bit higher than it normally is. Only way for me to get it back to 60fps is to quit the game entirely and load it back up.


This happens every single time I do arena for a few hours, so easy to reproduce.

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