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Many bugs and only few fixes


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Hello , i've been playing this game for about a week and i have never noticed so many bugs in my life from 30 minor to 50 major i wont list them all cause that will take a lot of time and probably be pointless since i've seen others post the same so i'll post the obvious ones and important ones 
1- market place : i have to close and reopen the market place 5-7 times until it actually works 
2-market place not showing items information *how much its currently being sold* 
3-inventory lag : i unseal , unlock a chest with a key and it takes forever until it actually works 
4- when i try to open the clan tab or whisper tab it keeps switching there places with each other even though i dont drag them but tap on them to oepn 
5- bid lagg : when i press bid in a dungeon it sometimes gets stuck in the countdown and eventually goes to someone else or i just pass because its too buggy
6- character info : today i have to close and open the game 5 times until i could see either my or my friends character info 
7- NPC chat : i talk to one NPC another NPC answers because they are beside each other even though i make sure to press *F* when next to him
thats all i will mention for now please fix these bugs ASAP

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