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[Quest] Three-Point Landing @ Forgotten Tomb


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Although this isn't technically a bug, it absolutely affects player experience and progress. The issue I have is with the Three-Point Landing quest (reward: Dive skill). The quest is wrong on several levels.


First of all, player needs to win a quest item from Wheel of Fate. Due to the random nature of the Wheel, there is no guaranteed probability of getting the item. Some players might have received the item on their first spin, I had to make about thirty.. but I can imagine some unfortunate soul having to do a hundred or more. 


Second, once you've obtained the item, you are supposed to hand it over to Old Man Cho. However, you can't because he is located within the Forgotten Tomb - a 6-man dungeon. I was able to solo lesser dungeons, even did a part of Blackram Narrows (yes, including some of the bosses) on my own.. but FT is absolutely not doable. So there you have it - you need a party to complete a quest. Unfortunately, NOBODY does Forgotten Tomb. I've spent an entire evening in Party Finder, with nothing to show for it.


I'm positive that I'm not the only one with this experience. I understand the thinking behind the whole thing: "Let's make the players team up and learn to do dungeons." But it's not working. Those who want to do dungeons, will. You don't need to force them to. Those who don't want to, will just be annoyed. And lastly, placing the quest-ender into a location that a player can't reach is completely out of mind.


This quest absolutely needs to be reworked to allow players to complete it without hours of frustration.

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You've probably noticed by now since it's been a while, but he's not inside, he's on top of the building. If you look up from outside, facing the entrance to the dungeon from where the Deva statue is, you'll see his grandchildren standing on a cliff to your right. Go up and talk to them and they'll get you to Cho.

Also, you can always buy the item from the market, as it tells you to. They're wicked cheap, I bought mine for 5copper.

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