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Still crashing a lot.


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It would seem this game or  GameGuard are just looking for reasons to crash the game. Sometimes I can play for hours and other times 30 or less minutes. t usually starts out with a small pixelated bar in the middle of the screen. Then some time after that the game will crash and give me a blank error leaving that small pixel bar and large graphical miscolored box that looks kind of like a Minesweeper game but it acts like an overlay and restarting my graphics driver doesn't fix it. It will just stay there until I restart the computer. Next I get a driver, Skype, Curse VC, and Steam shutdown followed by a forced restart of the computer.

Another kind of crash takes me to BSOD with any random error and maybe a physical memory dump.

Now I have read all of the fixes and applied accordingly: 

Registry fix 

any Asus software running or loading shut off

I have only a Razer Death Adder but that is down too 

I have turned off my Logitech G series software

turned off Skype, Steam, Curse VC Client Malware Bytes, MS Essentials, Realtek HD Audio Manager, Raptr and AMD Crimson.


Is there a way to make GameGuard less aggressive or is this a language barrier thing for GameGuard? 

Of course just make sure the issue was not on my end I have done a complete HDD Format and reinstall of Windows 7.

Everything has been updated and there are no errant programs that could be running wild in my system at this point.


I hope something in this post gives some insight as to what might be causing these crashes for us players.

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