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Objective based battlefield?


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Hi folk!  Is there any form of objective based PVP in BnS?  (I haven't found it yet)  What I'm thinking of is GW2 style WvW or Lotro style PVMP.  Like especially with Lotro, while we did have dailies and such, we also had forts and outposts and such to fight over.  These objectives brought us together and gave us more "purpose" to actually fight together to accomplish something.  So far in BnS what I've seen is arena style combat (which is damned fun imo), what I'll call "quest area" open world pvp where you might just happen upon someone of the opposite faction and fight them, and "daily based" open world pvp that has a specific area where it's focused around.  So far it seems like my own collecting of tokens is the only reason to participate.  There's nothing collectively that we are accomplishing -- or am I just missing something??   Every time I go out to Misty Woods I'll see that there's one channel where blue folk are more or less grouped up to farm the spawn area of red, and visa versa on another channel, and misc small collections of people out doing dailies and hoping not to get ganked by a large group.  If there is any PVP, it tends to be someone showing up to see their spawn area getting attacked and trying to do something about it, but most of the time it appears to be mostly avoided.  (I'm on Iksanun, maybe it's different on other servers)  Is there, for lack of a better phrase, more to it than this?  Something I'm not seeing?  Something that just hasn't arrived in the west yet?  Age of Wushu (sigh...) also happened to have some nice ideas for strong objective based PVP, whether it was scroll stealing and one side trying desperately to keep their stuff from being stolen, or the weekend school wars.  I'm not claiming those were always perfect mind you, nothing is, but hey.  =)


Anywoo, I hope I'm not ruffling any feathers here, I know these subjects can get touchy fast.  ;)

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