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Data Error E01004 GGL NCWest_17231940


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I am here on behalf of my friend who has lost the will to live as he has done everything within his power to play our B&S but is having the same problem every single time.


Here is a Screen shot of the error box http://i.imgur.com/CxuKY1K.png


So far he has done the following after many hours looking around the net for other people having this problem... Looks like some playing Aion had it but no real solution was given.

  • He had uninstalled and reinstalled C++
  • He has (Oh god the pain) reinstalled his windows 8 operating system, got all updates and no look
  • Updated to windows 10 and still no luck.
  • Reinstalled Blade And Soul 3 or 4 times I think now
  • Graphic card drivers fully updated
  • Had a fully working copy from me <<< put onto his fully updated and not working!
  • after countless days and hours of trying we have given up and now here we are hoping to get some answers.
  • Firewall turned off as well


I am thinking it is a port problem as he is at university and can ask the guy there to port forward the ports for him if anyone knows what they might be.


Thank you for the help <3 


P.S. I did not know if I should post this in Player support or Bug report so I posted in the two waiting to see if anyone will see my friends request.


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