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Need FM advice


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Bit of background before asking about specifics. I'm a newer player, just recently played when the game was released on NA, so I don't know every classes abilities or escapes, etc. So sorry if i use the wrong terms or say something that doesn't make sense. My first class was LBM which i feel has made it harder for me to learn how to play FMs. All i would do as lbm is x->lmb->rmb->C->lmb->2->rmb->lmb. Really simple and easy combos. Now that I've finally made an FM and leveled to 45, im struggling against every single class.


This is the build i'm currently using  Build . I've been practicing combos quite a bit and I can do the aerial combo(lmb->rmb->3->lmb->x->rmb->lmb->1->lmb->rmb->lmb->1->tab->lmb->Z->4->1-> C-> F, F,F ->4->V->4) consistently in spars and on mobs, but it feels so weak like 20-40% however when im in a ranked match, i realize all i do is the lmb->rmb->3->lmb->rmb->1->lmb->rmb->2, and if i mess that up i panic and just spam lmb->rmb. How do i get out of this habit? I have about 100 matches with fm, maybe i just need to keep practicing. 


Another issue is whenever i'm finished with a combo, I always seem to be in fire stance rather than frost stance and that really messes with me when i know my opponent is going to go in a burst me. At those moments should i blow my E to get into frost mode? 




2nd problem I have is with each individual classes. So if someone can help me, give me advice, or insight on what I'm doing wrong or what i should be doing in each match-up that would help a bunch. 


Summoners: Whenever they use that skill that makes them immune to ranged attacks, I have no clue what to do. Is that skill similar to FM's divine veil, where it travels with them or is it set for a specific place and all i would need to do is grab the summoner and move them out of that range?


Assassins: I do okay against if i can manage to get them out of stealth. On some occasions, no matter what I do I cannot get them out of stealth, I swear I'm hitting them, but nothing happens.. no text saying evaded or resist, am i missing or are they resistant and the text just doesn't pop up? Also they have a skill where they move their hands in a circular motion and then disappear behind me, what skill is this and how do I prevent it? I'm pretty sure it's not their counter attack because I'm at a distant where I can't even target them. 


FM: What i feel is my worst matchup after destroyers and lbms. Any decent FM will annihilate me. I just can't win. Most of the time the match starts with both of us either using our Cs or 3s. And when we both use our 3s they always seem to be facing me and I am almost always at an awkward position where I'm facing to their right and i can't stack more frost or hit my 1.


Build against BM and KFM

BM:  Blocking, can't seem to get around players that block, then go in for burst then back out and block. I'll occassionally get off my snowball and disable them for 6 seconds but after that I feel I can't do much. Yes I've also tried using Q and E and it works sometimes but they SS out of it then block, and normally I have a huge space in front of my so I'm not normally in position to roll chase. In these matchups, should i get and remain close throughout the fight? 


KFM: Against good KFM i can seem to do anything against them. They counter (what seems to be perfectly) against me. I don't see them block until I throw out a lmb or rmb, so i rarely get the opportunity to disable their defense with snowball. 


Against LBMs and destroyers, I put points into Frost TornadoT3.

LBM: If i get off the tornado against LBMs im good, but i never seem to be able to beat them, if i manage to survive, i normally don't out dps them. 


Destroyers: Does Frost Tornado disable destroyers for 4 secs, I never seem to notice if it works against them or not. What should my mindset be like when going up against a destroyer? They always get out of my freeze and then just jump on me grab me, pound me. Then spin, spin, spin, use their axe to pull me towards them, stun, fury->ani-cancel to death. If they're not the fury destroyers and I outlast them, I normally win by a large margin. If they are fury destroyer, i always lose.


Btw: I'm low tier gold in arena if that makes a difference. 

I'll try to edit this as I learn more about the match-ups and what I feeling that im struggling on 



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