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Need Community Help!!!!!!


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So I was doing a search in my email last night for all NCSOFT emails, to see if I was notified as to why BOTH of my NCSOFT accounts got banned! Then I realised, they announced BnS in June 2012 so after 3 years and 7 months of developing a game from an already released copy from Korea, NCWest has not been at all helpful towards the myriad of problems players have been having. Now i'm turning to you guys for assistance with my plight.


Scenario : 

Gon Female KFM - leveling up at a mediocre pace, gets to Jadestone where she finished the "the way of the kung fu master" quest line. Hajoon dies and it's time to collect his cache as soon as she does that constant disconnects. I thought it was a character bug re-did the KFM different account, just in case it was the account....get to Jadestone, collect the cache and constant crash to desktops. Send in a ticket about it, they link me to the standard disconnect issue page and close the ticket. After going through those processes.......same thing.


NOW I make a 3rd account due too those 2 accounts being blocked/banned without and notification as to why. To my knowledge I did nothing to deserve a ban. I submitted a ticket on this account now about the banned accounts. After asking for more information about the 2 accounts it's been 2 days without any progress from NCWest. My questions to the community are as follows :-


1.) Should I now be cautious about playing on my 3rd account due to the serial banning i've endured?


2.) Does anyone have any information about getting past the "The way of the Kung Fu Master" questbug should i make it to that point again or one of my accounts gets restored?


Thanks For Reading and Thanks in Advance for any help

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