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PvP / PvE skill set?


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As an mmo veteran - this is the first time that I have met with the idea of having same preset of skills for pve and pvp, am I missing something out, or we really do need to re-skill every time we join arena and go back to pve and the other way, pve->pvp? I never heard once anyone say anything about it and It's surprising to me.
I don't think anyone will actually say that you just launch game pre set skills for  pvp/pve in the skill section when you play, so why is it the way it is? I mean its not a new game, its been around for years in Asia, I cant believe this system has never been changed.


In my opinion the fact that I need to set kills by hand for pvp and pve is crucial to the game, and it's taking a lot of time to pre set it each time I want to enter pvp or go back to pve.

I'd love to see some kind of memory tabs for skill presets, that's what is crucial to the game, creating meta + your own input to it is what makes a real exceptional pvp player. 


Also - as a summoner class (yeah don't bite my head off will ya?) I want to change my skills before battle when I see who am I playing against, I know this is the same case for any other class. Once you need more cc control, once more cc defense etc, it takes skill to know what you need to adjust before each battle, and I guess only way not to make waiting time before each battle over 2 mins - is to make skill presets available, so you can just load the set you created before battle against specific class - or the idea of the game is to make one preset for overall pvp? (because that is insanely limiting, for personal skill, and teamplay in pvp)


What do you guys think? Is it just me with this problem, or am I actually something onto?


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