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NC, please use website, not twitter


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Please, NCSoft, you have a nice website for Blade and Soul, yet when there is a problem with the service, you choose to use Twitter instead of your own website, why ?

Don't know about you, but I find Twitter not easy to read, for #example #hashtag, #hastag,#hastag,#hastag, we will inform you if there is any #news


When there is a play-preventing issue, the moment I log into the website, it would be nice to get a pop-up on the screen telling me in normal english without #'s that it's being investigated.

Why I have to read about my game on a third party site.

The first people to know what is going on, is your own public, and me as a player I visit the Blade and Soul website first and I don't see anything mentioning any problem.

Then after half an hour, my girlfriend checks twitter and says 'they are working on it, says so on twitter'


Come on, I hate twitter !

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