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Crashing in a specific area


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Now before anyone attempts to troll me. The game works perfectly fine in every other map. I've run through the entirety of Viridian Coast and Cinderlands with absolutely no issues, but the moment I attempt to load into Moonwater. The game stops at about 75% loading and crashes. I've tried loading in the other two characters that are on my account. Both load in just fine, however they're in Bamboo Village and the Garrison in the Cinderlands. Now you'll probably try to tell me it's my graphics, or my comp is a potato but I'm not sure that has anything to do with it. I've reduced the client graphically to the bare minimum and at first, that worked just fine. It gave me enough to load in and move around, adjusted my graphics back and the game worked fine for about two hours. After completing all of the Cinderlands dailies, I went back to Moonwater and encountered the same issue as before. I crash before I can even load in, and what's worse is now it crashes even with the bare minimum graphics. Anyone else with this issue? ;-; Kind of tired of not being able to play my summoner. 

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