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Being Mass Murderer: Pros/Cons


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Well this is a show-off, not a guide :)



+ You get achievement points, also you can buy the mask for 1 gold, instead of 1000g;

+ When you equip the mask, nobody can any longer see your name or guild;

+ Most ppl of your faction pay respect to you;

+ You get the chance to kill 1000+ enemies, in my case 79% 45+, the rest lowbies;

+ Killing someone 4+ times is justified;

+ Killing at spawn, lowbies and ppl engaged with mobs is justified;

+ You have the chance to make screens of fallen enemies (in my case 360 screens and 4 videos of dead ppl, mainly Codex/Kodex guild (most active in PVP));

+ The only place where mass murderers get rewarded and a clean history after what they did;





+ Ppl insult you on race, ethnic, mother, etc....prepare for heavy insults, like from anyone that died, in my case 309 insults;

+ Ppl call guilds to hunt you down, while you still do the achievement;

+ Atlest 1/3 of everybody killed will threaten or report you for:

- Spawn killing

- Continues killing

- Lowbie killing

- Not letting them finish the quest

- Killing their NPC's

+ You can't call guildies to help you, because they will steal kills;

+ YOU CAN'T USE CHAT, but damn what you expected, you are "masked" now;


After all, thank you Windrest (EU) for the fun, now i can aim for 10K kills and good luck Cerulian Order.

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Well i think i met one blue this morning with mask on Misty Woods, didn't go well for him, no matter he had 4 friends. Just aimed him to kill it, no matter my own dead :D :D Hoep it was you, was fun. Btw Codex are strong guild, but you have some weaklinks, that insult and cry too much. Can even give you names and screens of such ppl :)


The "Kodex" thing btw, not sure if that is alt guild or what, well they have never made any difficulty to kill.

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