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Hello...i saw u know how to fix this game..im very sad please help me..i saw this game on youtube and i like very much..and i saw there is a new server EU live 3-4 days ago started....and i love class SUmmoner :)

My problem is: 1. Im ussing Nvidia..not asus or razor..my ram..gb..video..etc..they are the latest of piece market..i can play 9999 games same time..so its not about PC

2. I enter in client..i put PIN..i created a caracter lvl 1..and when im try to log in..it stuck at dragon loading..like 15-20min..and then loadin WITH MASIVE LAG...it even block my PC..my internet..all..Need to restart PC..

So what is the problem? How to fix this? I dont use any razor or assus thing...so what's the problem?

BTW: from 999 times i try to log on game..1 time entered on that caracter lvl 1...but then stuck at frist NPC screen..when caracter loading..then restart pc..


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