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No credit for putting in 20 minutes on Blackwyrm


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Because as happened to me the first time I did Poharan, I died and couldn't revive in the 24 man instance because my "4" (Resurrect) simply did nothing and someone resurrected me after and even though I had put in a crapload of damage and didn't die until she was 30% HP because of her tigers, I got nothing because I had died, even though 600 other people all seemed happy because even though some of them were lvl 44s with hongmoon stage 1, they got quest done because they threw a potato at her this one time.


1. Why am I not able to resurrect.

2. Why is the lack of being able to ressurect in line with the achievement coding and causing me, like at other bosses also - to miss the quest achievement. I mean really. So I just sit back and don't die and that's doing my job lol K. I pull aggro, I die because no one slept tigers at poharan or because I had skills off cooldown and that means i'm a failure and don't deserve achievement and 500 other people do no damage or die 6 times and their quest is done? Lol K. Im assuming its a bug AND bad programming, but if I spend 20 minutes at Blackwyrm and you can check my combat log and see how much damage I dealt, and the game refuses to let me ressurect when he is at 10% HP so I push 3 hoping it will and it simply unequips my outfit and I use unstuck thinking no one can ressurect me, because peope walk past me and don't rez me - then I put outfit on and go back and he's dead and I don't get achievement or prestige or quest or loot - you've just made me cast a crapload of spells and die a crapload of times for nothing and you could make a better system where you don't have to just sit back like the 500 other people. I don't even know what to say dude. Why waste my time. Is this your crappy coding, or is it intended and if it is intended u can go shove blackwyrm and if it is intended can you not give us quests where we get nothing if we die and also if its not intended can you actually fix this, because its really annoying to have spent 20 minutes dpsing and dying repeatedly to a boss, when everyone else comes in and hits it once at ten minute mark because they're protecting us from ceruleans and they all get achievement but I get bugged and cant respawn for whatever reason and I get no credit for something, because its happened multiple times and its not hard to make coding that works, it really isn't and its not hard to detect things like this, its also not hard to work ways around it and I would appreciate some compensation and if you don't want to compensate me, I dont actually care - because I know that not only are you unintelligent, or have you failed, but you wont do anything about it either and I dont like people like that and I take great pride in ignoring them and moving on.


Also there are like 9 channels peope can do this instance on and some are full, so finding people to do it - is a joke. Having this happen is an even bigger joke.

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1. Well there still some Bugs give NC as much information to the situation as you can. A bug can be caused by many things. Finding "the thing" causing it can be really shitty sometimes. I guess they coulndt fix it because they dont really know what causes this error. You cant fix things when you dont know whats making them not work as they should. So the best you can do is give them a ton of information. e.g. blackwyrm casted a stun on me i got knocked back 10m that killed me i was wearing this and this ..... and whatever else you know

2. When there were alot other People the reason could be also you did not do more Dmg then those People. Or simply cause you were bugged before this wasnt working too. 

I can tell you 2 friends of mine did blackwyrm too they hadnt had this bug but still didnt had loot. Simply I believe that there is a limit to loot. And Im sure there is one. So maybe the dmg you did was simply not enough. If you dont get loot you wont finish the quest either. You wont get an achievement thats all part of it.

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