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this is not a bug but maybe a problem


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The loading screen is so anoying. take so long for change from maps but is more anoying that the screen must be load when you die and respawn in the same place. change that. because in pvp is a big problem. you die before the screen completes the loading. or give to the players a invcecibility time in the respawn zone until the player move. 

I'm not the only one with that problem, or that feel the only problem is the loading screen. is stressing die and ressurrect in the same place and its take 1 minute. 

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Not a bug!

Unfortunately, for those with slower HD's or Hard Drives, its tougher for them to experience a smoother load time or map load!

Load times are heavily determined by your hard drive, thus people with SSD's or solid state drives experience a much smoother game play especially when the game is not on the same drive as your operating system!

My suggestion to you is just because its how the game is designed, invest into a SSD and you'll experience 3-5 second map load times!


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