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My fix to the broken client on Jan 30th


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This has already been mentioned in another thread but b/c I don't wanna look for it I figured I'd share what I found here for those who are having the same issue. Seeing as how NCsoft has yet to solve the dilemma of the broken client I have found a solution that works.

1. You need to open your CMD (I ran it as admin but it don't matter).

2. Once you do that type msconfig. You should get a system configuration pop-up screen.

3. Click on services and scroll down till you see Razer Chroma SDK Service.

4. Enable the service (check the box) then click apply and close.

5. Restart your computer.

6. Once you have restarted your computer you should be able to get back into the game. However after 5 minutes it will continue to crash.

7. Once you are completely logged into the game tab out and open your TASK MANAGER.

8. Go to your processes and look for the Razer Chroma SDK service and END TASK.


Once you have done this the game will NOT crash and you will be able to play without issue. This is what I did and it is working for me so far I've been in the game for the past 5-6hrs and haven't crashed once. My FPS issues and everything else is normal as if the maintenance never happened. I hope this helps the rest of you to be able to sign in until NCsoft makes a post with a maintenance that will fix what they have broken. Thanks :)

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