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Bug report ToE


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Bug report about Tomb of Exiles. I don't know if this has been reported and/or fixed yet but I forgot to submit this yesterday.

When I was in a cross server dungeon the final boss cutscene popped up but it didn't look like it normally does, the background was pretty much missing and it was sort of floating in midair.

After the video cutscene I found myself falling to my death, very slowly, in a debug room like environment,. Blue waterish/sky like looking bottom floor and a bright light horizon/sky.

After falling for a while died, nobody seemed to be able to find me so I just waited for them to finish the boss and I teleported out. which fixed the issue.


No idea how to reproduce the bug and i forgot to take screenshots, I haven't seen it since and I've ran it over and over again.

Hope it's helpful nonetheless.

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