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PvP difficulties from LBD perspective


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as a LBD:

1.Destroyer - the spinner (spin2win), and the stun-anicancel (stun chopchopchop 50% hp gone)

2.summoner - pin you down, turn invisible, root grasp, combo interrupt with cat (kill the cat? no problem *turn invisible and summon another one*)

3.KFM - up down left right left right B A start, finish him! Victory!

4.FM - jump jump jump jump jump * 99 (can't use charge or 5-point dash)

5.LBD - i spin u spin, i aerialcombo u aerialcombo, i forcegrab u forcegrab so fun :D

6.BD - you are almost exactly like me except you have long ass stun

7.Assassins - lul, you do anythin *spin resist x99*, flash bang? protect! :D 


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Me as a sin fighting destroyer or LBM.


Oh hey this guy again.


-Goes invisible-


-Watching you spin until you get dizzy-


-Just comes out of stealth and puts down a mine, etc. etc. Probably threw moths on you for good measures-


-I go invisible you spin more, yawn-


-Jumps on face before moths wears off doing damage.-


-Repeats until time runs out and I win.-


ONE LBM has raped me horrible though, as soon as round started he dashed to my face and killed me instantly. IDK wtf.


I also got rekt in gold by a lvl 37 blademaster who had COMPLETE CONTROL OF ME THE ENTIRE FIGHT HOW DID THIS HAPPEN


But Lyns are a joke tho.






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