Hongmen Levels

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Unlocking Hongmen Rank:

Step 1: Accept the quest from your quest log.

Step 2: Speak with the Qing Gong Master at Misty Forest.

Step 3: Obtain the fairy light orb by either guild craft or auction house.

Step 4: Speak with the Qing Gong Master at Ancient City.
Note: He is located on top of a pagoda next to the palace.

Congratulations, now you can begin the journey to maxing your Hongmen rank. Additionally, your EXP bar will change from a silver dragon to a gold dragon and the blue gauge will become a gold gauge.

Leveling Hongmen Rank:

Essentially, you are leveling your Hongmen rank the same way you completed dailies, ran instances, and slayed monsters from L1-L45.
To iterate on what I mentioned earlier, every time you level up your Hongmen rank, you will gain a skill point, and minor stat increases such as health, attack, defense, parry, and dodge.

L0-1 requires 0 EXP, grants 500 health, 0 attack, 6 defense, 6 parry, and 8 dodge.
L1-2 requires 750K EXP, grants 566 health, 0 attack, 7 defense, 7 parry, and 9 dodge.
L2-3 requires 900K EXP, grants 641 health, 2 attack, 8 defense, 8 parry, and 11 dodge.
L3-4 requires 1M EXP, grants 726 health, 2 attack, 9 defense, 9 parry, and 12 dodge.
L4-5 requires 1.138M EXP, grants 822 health, 4 attack, 10 defense, 10 parry, and 14 dodge.
L5-6 requires 2.008M EXP, grants 931 health, 4 attack, 12 defense, 12 parry, and 16 dodge.
L6-7 requires 3M EXP, grants 1054 health, 6 attack, 13 defense, 13 parry, and 18 dodge.
L7-8 requires 5M EXP, grants 1194 health, 6 attack, 15 defense, 15 parry, and 21 dodge.
L8-9 requires 8M EXP, grants 1352 health, 8 attack, 17 defense, 17 parry, and 23 dodge.
L9-10 requires 10M EXP, grants 1531 health, 8 attack, 20 defense, 20 parry, and 27 dodge.
Total: Requires 31.796M EXP, grants 9317 health, 40 attack, 117 defense, 117 parry, and 159 dodge.

Ps check out the Link and scroll down and read the Comments and why im confused since people are saying its now lvl 50 to get these ranks even though the bnS stream showed them @ lvl 45 for NA Old Post for the link though

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