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How to set your gears. (lvl 45, done all main quest)


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Hi guy.


I just want to share some basic info of setting your gears.


Recently, I got some messages from some player who are new to Blade and Soul.


I am not great writer, so if you have any question, reply or message me.




Blade & Soul has 3 sort of gears. Weapon, Accessory, Soul shield. [There will be 'HongMoon Spirit' but skip that. Cuz we are in lvl 45 cap.]




Upgrade your weapon should be priority than other two. Reason why I say this, cuz u will use this weapon till you quit the game.


Plus, upgrade your weapon is best opportunity cost rather than others.


When you upgrade your weapon, it increases your Attack Power(Not Additional Damage) which is very related with your skill damage.


And If you reach to 'Awaken Profane Weapon - Stage 1' you can get Profane buff during battle.




After upgrade your weapon, focus to upgrade accessory.


[3.Soul shield]


Recently, I got questions about Soul Shield. Some players read my previous tip which I written at Beta test version base.


That might help some users, But, it's out of date.


Get [Blackram Supply Chain] Soul shield. Moonwater Arena Soul-shield isn't PVE soul shield. 


There are reasons for this.


1. Blackram Supply Chain Soul-Shield(Poh) reduces more damage from Mobs rather than Moonwater Arena.


2. Poharan's Oath(When you equip 8 piece of Blackram Supply Chain)


 -  Presists Venomous Thrasher's Howl

> Venomous Thrasher is next dungeon 1st named boss. That monster have Howl pattern and it will one shoot and lead to dead.(You can resist with your skill if you already know how to clear that dungeon) 


 - Increases Piercing by 213

> Every Epic dungeon's mob has Damage Reduction. Piercing stats is necessary, but not too much. I recommend 10~13% Defense Piercing rate will increase your damage.


PS. But don't spend too much gold on Blackram Supply Chain Soul-Shield. Just get 8 pieces. New dungeon will be release soon.


Thank for reading, and ask any question about the game.

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