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Blade And Soul In The Philippines


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Hey Peeps~


Looking For Places Here In Manila (Makati,Taft,Vito Cruz,Evangilista,Pasay) In where there is a dedicated Netcafe to play BnS for Na/EU servers, Does anyone know or currently play at one? I was thinking of checking out Mineski,Heroes Ground and Republic Of Gamers but Im not sure if they have it >.<; I only got 2 days a week to really play at a netcafe but i find it more fun there then at home :D


Leave a post if you currently play at one and please leave  the place/location of the netcafe and hopefully we can meet and play together :D

Currently im a Gunma Server Playah on NA servers~



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Well i play with 50+ ms Depends i can get as low as 20+ if i turn off cahracters hahaha and im running a Sony VAIO Laptop x.x

But as i stated i wanted to play at a dedicated netcafe to play with other filos and drink and play hahahah

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