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Network lag


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so I just recently started playing BnS on the German server Windweide and .. it was quite the letdown honestly, because I have a way too high ping and usually cant block or pull proper combos as kfm. Sometimes there are moments when everything is fine, but that's rather an exception. The thing is that I can't explain the lag - I have no such problem in each and every other app/game and have to assume at this point that the server dislikes me or sth..

Starting the client as administrator, raising the process priority as well as lowering the graphic settings didn't help.

I would like to ask you for further advice, thanks.


To explain the screenshot: on the left side the Resource Monitor shows a high latency for 2 of 3 connections, but 150 is not really how it feels .. rather 400 I guess, on the right side a ping to google.de - the servers shouldnt be too much apart. Hm, maybe it's not network and rather input lag?

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This issue isn't just on the german server too. I've had it happen to me on Yehara infact I've had my character freeze and i can play this game at it's highest setting and more often than not no lag till recently. I also have very few apps running in the background so that's not it either. Hell I can even play on the Japanese server without any problems what so ever and i even have a much higher ping there than on Yehara.

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