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Need help with the spin parry stun skills


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As a FM i dont see much i can do against them, i know it last for .5 seconds, but they always look for when i use my fire/frost palm and use it in the time it takes to reach them, also i dont have much to get out of stuns and what i do have has so much cd, 2 points on SS takes me out of stuns but it has a 34 sec cd, and my tab has 30 secs ass well, and that's it, while destroyers LBD and BM can just spin and get out of my freeze, while stunning me cause what i mentioned before. Also if i put 4 points on my frost ball (frost X) says it pierces defense, does that means that i wont get stunned when they spin?. Also says after canceling defensive skill cant use defensive skills for 6 secs, does it means that they cant spin no more?.

Need tips on how to win against that, the wait .5 sec after they spin is not working.

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I am working on researching PvP before dropping myself into any kind of Arena play, but lots of my friends have told me their experience is the opposite.


Projectiles do have travel time, but that is based on distance and projectile speed. I could suggest maybe bringing the fight in a little closer than you might think as a ranged class if you are constantly getting parried. As a range/control class, your movement-hindering and action-hindering capabilities are quite high compared to some, but you're also squishy and have long cooldowns against such effects yourself. Focus on controlling the flow of the match by constantly using your control abilities.


At a high level, PvP is about mindgames in all forms of competition. So, in your story you said you were getting parried, do you have the ability to "bait" this parry skill from your enemy? Are there skill points you can invest so that the "Parry" effect doesn't work or is reduced in effectiveness? Many skills in this game get what I like to call "modifiers" attached to them when you train down a certain path. Perhaps you have a skill that they expect to be able to parry, but you are playing mindgames and have that skill set to bypass their defense. Or as I mentioned you can choose several different impairment abilities and use your weakest control ability at the beginning of your encounter, to "bait" them into parrying this attack which you never intended to work in the first place. Then you follow that up with your more damaging or more likely to succeed control abilities.


All of this of course depends on your level and ability to modify your skills, so if you're feeling 'stuck' try leveling a few times through PvE, which will train your reflexes and give you new options.


Source: I play a few games semi-competitively and read a lot about game theory.

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