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Problems noticed / Suggestions


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Sorry if I am not allowed to do this but I posted some bugs / suggestions. If its wrongly placed feel free to move this.


1) Frozen in place while xp bar loads after travel from cross server dungeon outside

2) When trying to speed run off something and glide it glitches you backwards and you fall (random occurance)

3) When inside dungeons such as: supply chain - after combat you can be stuck in a combat state for far too long or to a point where you have no choice but to use "Escape" and it happens quite often. (Easiest way to recreate this is to run past mobs at the beginning until you get to the wall to slashimi and kill the mobs)

4) when speed running you sometimes get blocked by invisible walls ( to recreate I find speed running around staircases would suffice )


Not sure if suggestions should be put here or if I am allowed to do this, but if you take it down it happens lol (sorry in advance for the misplaced post if so)

I have played quite a few mmos and this is how I feel about things personally.




1) A chat restriction for consecutive spamming. Warn once for spam, make people wait for the next message, after a certain amount of repeat spam attempts in a row lock out clients / ban.

2) In the dungeons / arena once you click ready you cannot cancel and the only way out is to literally close the game. Should consider allowing people to change their mind.

3) Should allow people to be able to edit equipment in the cross-server dungeon (A few times I forgot to put on my lynblade for supply chain and you have to exit out and come back just a hassle)

4) The shop prices are very high for beginners and can be a pain early on especially if you need to repair your weapon often.

5) Minimal healing from campfires would be beneficial even if the amount and rate was kept lower so in town pvp can still occur. Using food / potions all the time to heal is a pain and can get costly.  (Consider healing to be allowed at campfires while "Not in combat")

6) Mobs resetting or town units actually saving you when you run into town wouldn't hurt (not 100% needed just more player friendly) 

7) I am not sure about others but I highly prefer the "roll" system to the "Bid" system which favors everyone with a piggybank, it makes it hard to get anything in dungeons if you are hurting for money. Not sure if this was to be unique but it doesn't even notice class either so I am competing with piggybank heroes for LBD stuff when they are destroyers (just an example). 

8) Consider adding a teleportation grace period( immune to attack for a small amount of time ) so you don't die while loading the map if you happen to be wearing a hostile outfit. 

9) Being able to open rewards from dungeons etc inside the cross dungeon wouldn't hurt. (not really a big deal on that though)


Thanks for reading this over,

I appreciate the game you have put together, its fun and one of the only mmos I have yet to get bored of,


- Telepath



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Really like these ideas, with a few tweaks I think they would make a great addition to the game, good luck and thanks for touching on number 7, I hate the biding system lol as a long term WoW player, I am used to the rolling system as well.

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Yeah I agree with you guys 100% on the roll system because the the current system supports "rich get richer". Also like the healing points you made it was really difficult as a force master starting to heal up all the damage and the dumplings cost so much that it was impossible to buy them from npc. The game needs some sort of free or cheap healing mechanic for new players for sure, once you get some levels its not too bad.


Another thing is would it be possible to not make the game completely close when you DC. I am not sure if this just happens to me but for lower end computer it takes a while for the game to load up initially and a drop in the connection should send me back to char selection or some other landing page instead of quitting the game. 


Nice list of idea definitely worth implementing.  

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