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Unable to perform any actions other than movement(and not even really that).


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This game is wonderful, don't get me wrong... but this is making it unplayable and certainly not enjoyable. Randomly and without explanation I will suddenly be unable to attack, no big deal just wait it out right? Not quite, you can move your character but anything aggressive will still aggro to where you were standing when you started to be unable to use your skills. If you die you can't revive or release, this will happen from anywhere between a few seconds to 5 minutes. If you open your inventory you can not craft, salvage, or transmute. It is also impossible to log out or change characters during this time of "Lag" I'll call it. There are a few forms of "Lag" I've encountered during video games and this is similar to one of the worse forms which is known as Packet Loss, tho it has some differences. In most cases of packet loss everything will look as tho time has frozen, during the "Lag" I experience in game that isn't the case although like packet loss your character is frozen in place, you can not do anything, and a lot of your actions you input during your time of lag all happen once it stops. Mobs continue moving, other players continue playing, your health does not regen, your abilities light up when keys are pressed, and you can be attacked while unable to retaliate or run. I can't say that this problem is not because of my computer but since I'm not losing framerate or actually experiencing any true form of lag it is safe to assume it may be an issue with the server to my ISP and I can't change my ISP due to where I live. 

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