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Premium XP Bonus Not Working


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I looked for this in the bug reports, but found nothing and unless I am blind there is no "Search" option on this forum ..


My Premium XP Bonus is showing as 120% XP from Kills, but it is not adding any extra XP.

I started my character at the same time as a friend (he is without Premium) and we are both on the exact same quests.

We both hit L20 tonight, but he is now almost 1 full level ahead of me and is continuing to get further ahead each day.

He is not killing any extra mobs than me and we have made sure not to do any quests / kills without the other, so that we stayed together quest wise.


Don't know if anyone has noticed this and honestly I am not that worried about the XP not working properly at the moment.

Could run into problems at higher levels if my character doesn't level up for the next areas in time ..

But with plans of running 1 of each class up to L45 .. That is a lot of extra killing I shouldn't have to do ..


Please look into this and fix it ;)

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