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Bot spamming sucks, ofcourse. But... how do we fix it?


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This bot spam stuff needs to be sorted. Now. I think we all agree with that.


Now the problem comes of HOW would you solve the bot spamming?


If we assume there's not a human looking at it (because then it's obvious, but isn't a scalable solution), then we need to determine how a gold spammer is classified without false positives.

Too many posts? Talkative players. Mentions gold too much? Some people like to trade a lot. URL? No problem for the spammers, they'll just change the format. Name="hukguvlvsd". Well that would just be an insulting ban to those of us with shit names.


A potential solution i can think of is combine a high frequency of messages with very similar text (lets say, commonly mentions 'gold', 'delivery' and/or '.com' etc.) and only bans reported players with these conditions. The chances of a false positive would be incredibly small, but relies on players reporting and is definitely reactive rather than proactive.


Any suggestions folks? Let's return to the good old days of faction banter :)

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