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Chat Box Settings [HELP]

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The text for my chat tabs are a little too small and I was relieved to find that I could edit the settings and change the font size / what all is featured on that tab.

I can be very particular about my tabs for 2 reasons


1) Looking at the Bots at this point is disorienting 

2) Some of the things they put on the same tabs just doesn't make sense. (ex: I like my Whispers on their own tab so I can see them even if I'm afk)


However, though I can change these settings, for the default tabs (the one's already there without being created) it gives me the illusion that I can but won't let me apply my changes. I'm unsure if this is a bug or intended but it's quite irritating. If anyone knows anything about this would be grand cause it doesn't make much sense at all to let me change those tabs settings if I really can't APPLY them in the end. And if it's a known bug you can tell me that too and I'll just wait with my monocle.



P.S: I'd really like to avoid adding a hell of a ton of tabs just to make thing's flow better for me

P.S.S: I'm kind of OCD and I'd really like to not have random useless tabs floating around (and having to arrange them back in order every time I log in) : ^ (

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When making changes to a Chat Tab, you need to assign a new Tab Name. You can't alter the default tabs that already exist, you can however use them as templates to create your own tab. At the top of the window, it'll ask you what you want to name the tab. Input anything you want, and hit apply. Your changes have been saved and a new Chat Tab will be there.

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