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When does FM get a healing ability? I'm level 18 atm and I'm having a hard time killing stuff and doing dungeons. 


How do you FMs solo trash and bosses on dungeons?


It was a breeze doing these things on Summoner and Destroyer.

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Force Masters get a lifesteal ability if you spec into frost fury, stage 3 tier 3 allows you to heal for a good amount when you crit. The nifty life steal gem you get around lv26 helps with this as well. Though I do not recommend you leveling frost fury at lv18, not at least until mid 20s.


Soloing trash mobs and bosses in dungeons does require kiting as laydbug said, just be aware of your surroundings, don't run into more mobs while kiting one. Using your slows and freezes helps with kiting as well! Also, having your weapon max upgraded helps a great deal as well, if it isn't already.


I have a quick, little brief guide video if you're interested! Hope this helps!


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