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Collecting the copper sample


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I'm trying to get up in the prospector's guild. I found the copper sample northwest of Cho's house, green sparkles coming off of it and all, but I cannot collect a sample; there is no F action I can execute to collect it or anything. Do I need to do something as a prerequisite before collecting this? Considering I also found Zinc the other day and I could collect that without doing anything. 

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If this is your first time trying gathering ores you will need to go to Jadestone Village were you will find Prospector's Union Apprentice Duryo and she will give you a quest [this quest will be available only if you are in the Prospector's Union Guild,you can join the guild by speaking to Prospector's Union Rep Lim Sugon that is beside Prospector's Union Apprentice Duryo] were you have to gather copper ore follow it,after you  finish the quest you will be able to place an order to get more copper [You can place an order in the Crafting & Gathering tab,to access this you can press L key or by pressing ESC key and you will find it at the bottom right end corned under the MAIL tab]









P.S. :It took me around 1 Hour to figure it out XD Hope I was of Help.

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