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Weapon upgrading


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This really needs to be explained much better. I'm new to the game, just made it to lvl 21 yesterday (Blademaster). Ok the tutorial explains you can upgrade your weapon, and demonstrates this with the stone, and also says you can use other weapons. But it does NOT tell you that:


- you can use weapons that are not for your class (I don't know how many weapons I sold at the vendor because they were not for my class before I found out that you can use those too to evolve your weapon)

- you can use weapons that are sealed, you don't need to unseal them first (guess what I did...)

- the difference between normal and breakthrough material weapons, I think I had one of these and couldn't figure out why I could not use it for upgrading my weapon


And finally, I went to Blackram Narrows to do the quest there (Kill the big bad guy). Got the purple Blight Blade at the end. Since my Hong Moon weapon was only Stage 6, I figured I could use the blight blade to evolve my Hong Moon weapon. Did that, and great, its Stage 10 now. But what do I see now? The next item required to evolve the Hong Moon weapon past stage 10 is...the Blight Blade. GREAT...it would've been nice to know that BEFORE! ... :)


/noob out


PS: Why is there no help available in game? If you use "Help" in the game menu, the little window with its four images comes up, but clicking on it does nothing. I'd really like to see a written help, even an FAQ list or something would be good...

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