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Camera Lag When Panning Left


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This is a really bizarre problem I'm having, I tried searching online for anyone who is having the same issue but couldn't find anything.

I'm running a gtx970 i5 4670 8gigs of ram (could use 8 more), and I can get pretty good frames in the game. Game isn't on an ssd.


That being said I keep my camera movement speed pretty high, and if I spin my camera around to the right I can spin it around fast as hell with no issue. BUT if I spin the camera to the left.. the frames drop out constantly. I don't really see a drop in FPS but its like frame skipping.


TLDR: Spinning the camera to the right works fine.

Spinning the camera to the left the camera lags like hell.


What the heck. I tried various settings changes and it always happens.

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