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High End CPU + GPU - Bad looking graphics


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Hello everyone!
I have looked the forums and so far and i havent found a solution for this yet, i have a 980 GT and an 8 core processor running windows 10, i can run witcher 3 with the settings on ultra with no problems, but for some reason blade and soul with all the settings set on maximum and trying both antialiasing methods, i dont know if i might be missing something, only thing i havent tried yet is moving the game to another directory so geforce experience could recognise it and apply the changes but seeing as i have already set this manually via the geforce control panel and still dont see any changes, i can literally see no antialiasing whatsoever i have seen youtube videos and people are running the game with much better graphics than me with the same options in game, i am at a loss on what could be the reason, any help would be appreciated. 

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First off, could you drop your entire list of specs. I'm using a GTX980 Ti 6Gb, with an i5 quad core processor and 8Gb off ram and ofcourse the game is installed on a SSD. I've experienced 0 problems, perhaps a lagg-spike which was internet related. I run the game on max btw.

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AMD FX - 8350
16 Gb ram

Geforce GTX 980 4Gb

I have no issues with the game performance, it just looks like the AA is not working i can literally see the edges, i am not sure if this is the highest quality for the game since i have seen alot of videos and could clearly see the quality was way higher. 


I have tried with all the resolutions with V sync,optimize for low end CPU's, 3D monitor on and off

Also have been trying out one for the one the post-processing options, special effects and anti-aliasing and none of them showed an overall better image. 

Maybe i am missing something.


Please let me know if i can help you giving you more especific information.

Thank you!


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