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gear, soul shield, inventory


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So I'm new to BaS, but I'm lovin it so far. My only concern is that I tend to be a hoarder and in this game, inventory is limited and so is money flow (so far at least).


I have a few fundamental questions that will help though:


1) So from what I understand outfits are purely cosmetic and also determine if you are can pvp a specific faction. No armor value? I am hoarding these.


2) Weapon progression: I am still upgrading the hongmoon weapon I got at the beginning. At what point do I use other weapons? I've been using all the weapons I've been finding for upgrade material since none match the good stats on this weapon.


3) Soul shields: I have a crap ton of pieces filling my inventory. Are they worth selling? What should I do with the extras I find? Do i need one of every set?


sorry for the basic questions, they weren't really covered in the tutorial very well imo

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I think I have a few answers for you, but those with (*) will be a debatable answer since I'm all new too.

1) I'm sure it also activates your Soulshields stats, so make sure you have one on all the time (non-faction one if you wanna avoid PK). (*) I agree with you, but I don't know if there is a difference at the end-game.
2) I am sure that Hongmoon is the best weapon till end game and it's appareance changes the more you upgrade. (*) I'm not sure what's next when you hit level cap.
3)(*) About those extra soul shields, I was told to use the tool on your inventory to reduce them and sell the junk. Also, you have a chance to obtain a crafting item (not sure for what, though). Maybe you could sell the pieces at the Market (since level 15), but I have no idea about prices.


Good luck!

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