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Client Crashing For Some Reason


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Hi all,


when ive been playing recently when i go through a gate door portal ive had a client crash in middle of the loading screen also my games crashed when i was in blackram dungeon i was fighting mobs then get a pop up saying client not responding then im hit with a 1hour queue 2000+ queue its not fun to have that happen please can you fix it or if your in middle of trying to solve this issue if others are experiencing it then ok no problem. Today its crashed twice not long after the other so dunno its just delaying my play time. just thought to bring it to your attention.


Kind regards

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Seems like I'm not the only case, I've got regular crashes on loading screen or by killing mobs, even worse by doing nothing !! Seriously it really not fun at all when you finnally got in then crashes right away then have to go through the queu AGAIN !!!

I like this game, waited for 4 years to be localize and I seriously dont want some absurd crashes and queu to ruin my fun !!!!


Seriously fix this matter ASAP !!

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