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Destroyer OP animation cancel tips/tricks


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Hello, i see many destroyers who isnt using their skills very effective during questing and in dungeons and would like to help out those destroyers who wanna become even more OP...


Its very simple, you only need 4 skill points to start animation cancel.




To animation cancel you need decent ping (better ping = faster anicancel = MORE DEEPS), to anicancel simply press left mouse button and then right mouse button and then repeat. You should do this repeated loop in the same tempo all the time because otherwise you might miss an attack. You will get the hang of it after 5 min of practice. And later you will be able to do it faster and faster.


Later when you have more skill points you can put 4 into left mouse button so that you get more focus back therefore you can anicancel this loop even longer without running out of focus:



at lvl 25 you can also put 3 points into X (Smash) for 100% focus regen within 5 seconds



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New destroyer thanks you :P I spent 15 minutes googling around for a short "get to the point" guide. +1 for clear screenshots and explanation and none of that "go watch this youtube video of a badass korean player doing it with 0 ping" or "here's a video of my mouse and my keyboard, figure it out yo"

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